Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anjana Rajbanshi: An Ever-Optimistic Genius

  'Nobody can stop us looking at the stars though it is impossible to touch them. Looking at them keeps our head always high.' This is what Anjana said in our short conversation with her. Anjana Rajbanshi, a smiling, clever and diligent lady, is a permanent resident of Juropani-6, Jhapa. She was born in a middle-class family 17 years back. Studying in an ordinary private school, Miss Rajbanshi topped all the lady candidates in the final SLC Examination 2062, and proved that one does not need an advanced institute to be the winner.
   Anjana Rajbanshi is such a rare and beautiful flower that needed neither an expensive park to be bloomed nor a highly-trained gardener to be trimmed. Miss Rajbanshi, a daughter of Pahadsingh and Gausari, started her schooling in an ordinary private school. She attended the classes and performed the assignments. Because of her regular practice and desirous study, she did not feel so difficult to step at the apex of success. She used to read four to five hours daily except school study. At school, she was interested in both curricular and extra-curricular activities. She had been the editor of wall magazine of her school. Quiz, debate, oratory, essay writing etc. were her favorites. Because of her skill, she has already become first in National Essay Competition.
   Miss Rajbanshi, though studying Science, believes in invisible power. It is the same power, she says, that inspires her to march ahead in her life. She is very clever to cross-question others and defend her own arguments. She advises others not to run after the definition of life, but rather struggle to do something better. So, for her, life is struggle. Time is always fluctuating. It is why we must be dynamic and cunning to hold its pace. She is very cool, smiling and sensitive. 'I get never angry,' she says, 'but I start weeping when I see my mother sad and unhappy.' Miss Rajbanshi does not have any high ambition in life. In future, she aims to be a normal lady. She does not believe in sex division. She thinks that there is only one sex in nature: human being. She philosophically says, 'Let's not fight in the name of male and female, but move ahead hand in hand for the prosperity of mankind.'   (Source : Garden, Monthly- 2063 BS)

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