Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ganesh is in the real Ganesh Voyage _ Nabaraj Lamsal,Radio Nepal/BBC Nepali Service

Ganesh is in the real Ganesh Voyage—the grand, divine trip—not by encircling the mountains, but by kissing the essence of hard work. He
is young in terms of age, energy and consciousness, but is quite matured in action. He holds children’s fingers, extends hands to support to the young, and folds his hands to the senior ones, albeit on ration grounds. My observations of his activities as a high school student at Nilakantha Campus, as youth going abroad for higher studies, or as a participant in various literature activities in various parts of the nation have brought me the reason that he is a powerful youth of my pick. He is at times startled by the water that flows down Arun and Thopal in Dhading, by prosperous modern conscience, by youths living in servitude even in the 21st century, and by tutelage plaguing the mind of the pioneers of change, but soon he consoles himself. The collectivity he seeks in his personal journey and his pursuit of novelty in awakening of such consolation, and ideas, actions and styles are his specialties. The same specialties are evident both in his writing, and in action. This is what characterizes Ganesh. For the life ahead, he has many rivers to cross. Literature and life are neither a hundred meter marathon race, nor a mountaineering with some adjectives to celebrate the ascent. It suffices for man to win a marathon or a mountain for once, but life puts man to test in every turn, and waits for repeated tests. This book is a claim that Ganesh is waiting to face such examinations with a higher order consciousness. I wish him a great journey ahead. Live long, and bring home the glory of victory. EMAIL: