Friday, January 22, 2021


Illustrator Aashriti Shrestha, Age 8 years old
It is an effort to create a new generation in children's literature in Nepal. The works of children and young writers and illustrators will be published in this program.

In fact, the main goal of this program is to encourage the new generation in Nepali children's literature. The Children's Literature Foundation Nepal (CLFN) is trying to increase the participation of new generation in children's literature. We look forward to your continued support and goodwill in making this endeavor a success.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

We love to help youths fulfill their dream of becoming a children's author

We love to help youths fulfill their dream of becoming a children's author. You can contact us at:

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Call for Journal Articles on Children's Literature

कुमारी |KUMARI
(Half yearly Children’s Literature Journal)

Children's Literature Foundation, Nepal (CLFN) invites journal articles from scholars of children's literature. The journal, due for publication in July 2021, will be published in two languages: Nepali and English (US). The contributing scholars are reminded to take note of the following points:

1.       The article, in any of the languages mentioned above, should be at least 5000 (five thousand) words long. While submitting, an abstract and the author's short introduction are also a must.

2.       The article should be consistent in documentation method (APA, MLA, or any other internationally accepted model).

3.       The article should be clearly based on a well-defined and accepted theoretical modality pertinent to children's literature.

4.       The paper could be on any aspect of children's literature: survey, historical sketch, theoretical development, critical readings of creations, quantitative survey, etc.

5.       The editorial team holds the right to reject the article if it finds it irrelevant or below par, or send it for peer-review if it finds the article to be worthy of publication.

6.       The articles will be peer-reviewed, and sent back to the author, if needed, for necessary correction before publication.

7.       The authors will be timely notified with the development in relation with their article. 

Please mail your articles in MS Word Format (Times New Roman in English, Preeti in Nepali) before March 30