Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bravo Editor; Keep it Up!

Many know that Mahesh Paudyal ‘Prarambha’, the editor of, and the editor of many books for children published from Nepal, writes stories. He himself weaves stories for children and in many cases rewrites and decorates others’ stories. But there are few who write about, or know of his personal story. has today undertaken this move to write his story, and we have a reason for that.

Mr. Paudyal has a history of continuously topping examinations of various levels, and recently the same has happened once again. In 1997, he was the district topper of SLC from Senapati district of Manipur (India) where he took his SLC from. His documents reveal that that was the first time his high school made to the position of the rankers. He had been the board topper in English, and had been awarded by the Board of Secondary Education Manipur with a special citation for the accomplishment.
History repeated in 2002, when he became the sole first division holder in the entire Manipur University in English (Honors) Courses and won a gold medal. Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh conferred him the medal in a colorful gathering in the Auditorium of Manipur University. He brought home the laurels once again in 2005, when at home, he topped the Department of English, Tribhuvan University. He is due for recieving a gold medal for the same during the Convocation that may be held sometime in November this year.
His stories do not stop there. For his M.Phil Degree he joined the Institute of Advanced Communication, Education and Research (IACER) under Pokhara University in Spring 2008, and the first semester results brought him 4 points out of 4 in GPA, once again attesting his academic excellence. Just a few weeks ago, the second semester results too came, and history repeated. He has 4 out of 4 once again, and the result is unprecedented in the history of IACER, according to IACER sources. He is already entitled for another big recognition from Pokhara University as well.

The family is proud of having him as our editor. He has a natural flair for writing, and has a special soft corner for children. His records reveal that he published his first poem when he was an eighth grader and his first story in English as soon as he appeared his matriculation exams. He is always busy doing others’ tasks, for which, we know, he gets seldom paid, or duly reciprocated. And yet, he never denies helping any, and still always maintains his marks high.
Congratulations editor, we always wish you a bright future, and a glorious career as an author.

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  1. Congratulations Dada........ Yes I can vouch that he never denies helping any, and still always maintains his marks high.........