Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kartikeya Child Talent Award Trust

Kartikeya Baal Pratibha Puraskar Kosh (Kartikeya Child Talent Award Trust) has been established with a sum collected as remuneration for his writing by Kartikeya Ghimire, who writes for children. The Trust has been, for last ten years, working to promote children's talent. Till date, as many as forty children have been awarded with Kartikeya Child Talent Award. The trust identifies children enduring through difficult socio-economic predicaments, and yet, dauntlessly moving ahead to carve for themselves a bright future. Every year, the awardees are conferred felicitation letter with a sum of Rs. 10,001/- in a colourful ceremony.
The Trust has also been working to promote creativity and reading habit of children who come from backward and marginalized sectors and communities. Its founder Kartikeya Ghimire, and Secretary and author Mahesh Paudyal have visited more than 30 districts organizing storytelling and writing sessions and children's literary meets. Their movement is still going on. Only that, they need more helping hands to help them continue!
How can the Trust be assisted?
·                     By taking its life membership
·                     By taking its annual membership
·                     By assuming its patronage
For life members, the membership fee has been set at Rs. 5001/- while for annual member, it is Rs.1000/- only. To assume its patronage, the interested donor is expected to pay Rs. 5,00, 100/- only.
The donors shall be introduced in detail, along with their photographs on a coloured page of our monthly mouthpiece Ketaketinews Monthly Magazine.

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