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Children's Literature Foundation Nepal (CLFN)

Aims and Objectives
The Children's Literature Foundation, established in 2007 AD (2064 BS), primarily aims at ensuring the participation of youths in the promotions of Nepali Children's Literature, and its ultimate end is to enrich children's literature of all sections, communities and regions by allowing this literature to develop, assimilating new skills and literary craftsmanship.
Exploration, research and publication of literary materials in children's literature from various tribes, religious groups, linguistic groups and societies are among its primary goals.
The Foundation has been established with the principle that the upcoming children's literature should be presented in a new trend for its influential advancement. We are hopeful that the Foundation will inspire the young generation to try its hands at writing for children. 
The Children's Literature Foundation is an independent and purely academic organization. The main objectives of its establishment are:
  1. Organizing regular workshops and seminars with writers, publishers, illustrators and readers on the themes of developing the inclusive children's literature of New Nepal, and to help them enhance their professional efficiency.
  2. Carrying out researches on the general tastes of the readers and advising writers, illustrators and publishers so that the relationship between literature and its readers grows more intimate and enduring.
  3. Keeping the writers aware with the new trend, orientation and style in writing, through our online bulletin published to the net via, and making these materials available to the readers.
  4. Encouraging the writers, illustrators, translators, editors and publishers for the contemporary development of children's literature.
  5. Training young writers from all sections of the society, to write literature for children, and inspiring them to contribute to the inclusive children's literature of New Nepal through their creations.
  6. Organizing competitions at the national level for developing children's literature; organizing exhibitions of children's books and felicitating writers, translators, editors and publishers for their contributions, and drawing social attention towards their great contributions.
  1. Working together with national and international organizations to foster children's literature from every angle.
1.    Awareness program on the occasion of foundation day every year in order to promote reading habit
2.    Operating the e-magazine , Organizing writers' trainings and worships in different parts of the country on children's literature
3.    Felicitating writers, illustrators, translators, editors and publishers of children's literature every year for their contribution
4.    Establishing children's literature research center; collecting and recording books by various authors from all parts of the country
5.    Publishing informative books for children
6.    Committing to the promotion of Nepali Children's Literature worldwide.


Children's Literature Foundation is purely an independent and academic organization. It allows membership to the Nepalese writers, illustrators, translators, editors, teachers, publishers, child-right activists, social workers and all those who contribute to children's literature from some angles.

It also awards honorary membership to internationally acclaimed writers, publishers, teachers and social workers, whose contribution to the promotion of children's literally has been commendable.
                                               For details:

'Inclusive Children's Literature of New Nepal'

Children's Literature Foundation Nepal (CLFN)

P.O Box: 25859, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-9841477515, 9751003531

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