Friday, June 19, 2020

Kartikeya Ghimire

Kartikeya Ghimire has been actively involved in writing and promoting children’s literature in Nepal for the last two decades. He has also been managing and operating, the first online magazine for children dedicated to the promotion of Nepalese children’s literature internationally. He also chairs the Children’s Literature Foundation Nepal (CLFN), Ketaketi Media and the Children’s Journalist Group Nepal.
An independent journalist by profession, Ghimire picks up themes from the day-to-day experiences of Nepalese children – their joys and sorrows, their dreams and frustrations – in his stories.
Born to Chandranath Ghimire and Durgadevi Ghimire in a poor agricultural family in Sarlahi, Ghimire has seen the face of poverty and hardship from a very close distance. Amidst scarcity, he struggled through his studies and earned himself a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. He was barely nine when he turned his hand to literary writing. Now a prolific author , he has been continuously reaching out to Nepalese children, sometimes as an author, and occasionally as an editor or a storyteller. His utter commitment to the promotion of Nepalese children’s literature in spite of a number of personal huddles, is highly praiseworthy.
Ghimire’s stories appeal directly to the emotions of the young readers and permeate through their minds. The lives and experiences of his characters are lives and experiences that everyone can relate to. His plots evolve out of the waves of feelings that touch every one of us, though we seldom care to reflect on them, or to record them. Hence his literature is an archive, where we find the experiences of our lovely, youthful past safely treasured. This makes him an author of universal hue.  

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