Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kartikeya Child Talent Award, 2012

Master Himanshu Nibha Kunwar (Cumberland County Stoney Point Elementary School Fayetteville, North Caroline, USA)

Dear Master Himanshu, The Kartikeya Child Talent Award Trust is a established by author and child right activist Kartikeya Ghimire with remunerations collected for his books, and for writings published in various newspapers and journals in 2003, to recognize and appreciate children with extraordinary capabilities. The Trust has high appreciation of the rare literary talent you have exhibited with extraordinary success in early age. Your publications Snow Fall (Collection of Poetry 2010, at the age of 8) and Colorful Boy (Collection of Memoirs, 2011, at the age of 9) have convinced the Trust that you deserve to be awarded with Kartikeya Child Talent Award, 2012 with this citation and a cash prize of Rs. 5001. We confer you this title on the occasion of Kartikeya Child Talent Award Distribution Program organized on the occasion of the tenth Foundation Day of the Trust in Kathmandu. The Trust is convinced that if you continue with your literary pursuit with zeal, you will shine out as a global literary talent in future. We wish you a bright and enduring literary career.
Kartikeya Child Talent Award, 2012

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