Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ketaketi Media

Ketaketi Media is an organization committed to the promotion of children’s literature through publications that encourage creative development and education of children. It has been formed, conglomerating various other organizations like Children’s Journalism and Children’s Literature Award Organization that comprises of eleven participating schools, Jamarko Youth Group, Ketaketi Online, and Ketaketi Nepal. These organizations, before merging into Ketaketi Media, were in operation since 1998. The Media publishes for children, trains children and adult authors to write children’s literature, organizes awareness programs to encourage reading, donates freely to libraries, and coordinates all types of media—print, online, broadcasting and telecasting—to work for the promotion of children’s literature. It organizes workshops, seminars, and writing and storytelling programs in variation remote locations in Nepal, ensuring the collective participations of children, parents, teachers, social workers, media personnel, writers, child right activists and various other stake-holders. It is of the belief that educated and avidly reading children of today will shape a beautiful and peaceful world tomorrow, and so, it is striving to shape the minds and visions of today’s children for the future. We invite organizations with similar interest—both from home and abroad—to be with us for a common goal. Contact us at:, Web:

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