Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I love books, I love stories and I love to draw

Sara Lundberg is a Swedish writer, illustrator and an artist. She has written 4 books and illustrated 30 children's books. 'White lines' is her famous series that has been recognized with several awards and scholarships. 
On 2nd December she was in United World Trade Center, Kathmandu, Nepal to discuss about her experiences as a writer, illustrator and an artist. During that time, we got an opportunity to meet her.
Sara, is it your first visit to Nepal?
 Yes, but not my last, I hope.
When did you start illustration?
 I started illustrating children's books in 1998. Before that I was involved in theatre and painting. I have always loved storytelling in one form or another.
 Why do you write for children? Is there a specific reason?
 I started making children's books because I love books, I love stories and I love to draw and paint. I think children's books are a great art form because it gives children and grownups an opportunity to sit together, read and experience a story and learn something together.
What kind of story do you think children love to listen and read?
If you ask children about what kind of story do you like to listen to, without thinking a single second they answer, 'scary story'.
kabita with sara
Did you find any difference between Swedish and Nepalese illustrations?
 First of all, I haven't seen a lot of Nepali illustrations. But I think Swedish (European) is perhaps a bit more experimental. Probably because our economies are more stable, the governments give grants for artistic development etc, so there is more room for experiment and artistic freedom.
 What kind of story is 'White Lines'?
'White lines' is a story about following your path. Losing your path and finding it again. It is also about love and friendship.  
By Kabita Sapkota

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