Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Amit Offir is a bestselling author

Amit Offir is a bestselling author from Israel. He is a lecturer, business consultant and international expert in creating communication through the art of drawing. Among his books are "The Beetle that Wants to Be", "Even Dragons Get Scared", "24/8 - The Secret for being Mega-Effective by Achieving More in Less Time", " How I Sold 1 Million Books!", "Travel The World and Make Money", "Get Wealthy and Get What You Want!" and many more.  Originally, he writes in Hebrew language. He has so far written over a hundred books mostly on child creativity development and career motivation for youths and adults. This time, we met him in person and asked him 3 questions on behalf of Ketaketi Online.
“Three Questions”
Below are his views and opinions:
What do you have to say about yourself?  
I am basically a writer and the purpose of my writing is to provide the readers inspiration and motivation which will lead them to having a successful career and a life full of fulfillment. I am almost 40 now and I had started writing books from the early age of 21. I have written various kinds of books and they are of different fields. I have devoted myself to expressing my emotions and experience through writing. 
What is the relation between Child Literature and drawing?

These two are very much connected to one another. Literature has words that describe something and through drawing or cartoons, it can be better defined or explained for people to get an idea of their mind and thoughts.

What have you written that has been published?

I have so far written over 100 books but they are from different fields. Through writing, I can learn much more and also explore. Writing gives me joy and pleasure as well as inner satisfaction. I hope that my books will be translated into Nepali language and will be published in Nepal so that the Nepali people can also be able to enjoy my art and learn from my traveling experience from around the world. Right now I am working on my next book that is going to be about my visit in Nepal and my climb to the Everst Bace Camp.  

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