Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Author ANURADHA Says

'Mero Kathako Alien' is my first chapter book. I had written this story many years ago. However, during that time publishers were not ready to publish chapter books very willingly. It is finally published and I am very happy.
Mero Kathako Alien is a science based fantasy story about a girl named Juni and her alien friend who is actually a character from her story that comes alive. Together, they do a lot of adventurous things.
The beautiful illustrations in the book are by Suman Maharjan. The story is edited by Nayan Raj Panday dai and it is published by Kathamandu Publication.
I write for children because I love doing so. It's therapy for me. By writing for them, I am actually writing for myself. From an early age I was introduced to the world of books and I have been in love with books ever since. My mother, who herself is a writer, really pushed me into writing stories for children. At first I was hesitant but slowly I enjoyed writing. I was even more motivated to write when I realized that there are not enough good Nepalese children literature in the market. I hope my books will make children as happy as I used to be reading books when I was little.
The current situation of Nepalese Children's Literature is very promising. There are a lot of talented people writing and illustrating for children's books. And there are quite a number of publications who are aware of what a good children book should be like.
However, a lot of work needs to be done in order to develop a reading culture in Nepal, especially for children's literature. This is a joint effort by parents, schools, children and people who work in the field of book and book publishing. And the starting point towards this effort is the publication of good children literature.

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